Fortunately, there are some very robust, encouraging developments now beginning to flourish on the periphery of the mainstream political economy. Green initiatives are every where at present. Ministry of Corporate Affairs has vide Circular No. By such means, the State, working with civil society, can facilitate the rise of a Commons Sector, an eclectic array of commons-based institutions, projects, social practices and values that advance the policy of collective action. In Section 2 we argued that the effect of corporate governance on green innovation should vary depending on: (1) the quality of internal corporate governance; (2) the technological lock-in from past innovation decisions; (3) the economic incentives to conduct green innovation given by industry and environmental regulations; and (4) the availability of financial resources. Section 5 of Information Technology Act, 2000 deals with the legal recognition of digital signatures. To address this gap, the present study first builds an evaluation system of the green governance structure based on green ideas, values, strategy, and organization arrangement from the perspective of top-level institutional design, and creates a green governance structure index. a)      e-mail address of its members for sending the notice with balance sheet, profit and loss account, Auditor’s Report, Director’s Report and explanatory statement etc., through e-mail after giving an advance opportunity to the member to register his e-mail address and changes therein from time to time with the company or with the concerned depository; b)      company’s website display full text of these documents well in advance prior to mandatory period and issue advertisement in prominent newspapers in both vernacular and English stating that the copies of aforesaid documents are available in the website and for inspection at the Registered Office of the company during office hours. The viability of the Commons has been overlooked not just because of the persistence of the Hardin “Tragedy of the Commons” parable and the overweening power of the State/Market, but because the Commons exists in so many forms and is managed by so many different types of commoners. has repeatedly identified a necessary central core of trust and reciprocity among those involved that is associated with successful levels of collective action.” In addition, “when participants fear they are being ‘suckers’ for taking costly actions while others enjoy a free ride,” it enhances the need for monitoring to root out deception and fraud. These are, however, precisely the attributes of natural systems. (3)   if the electronic record is spent to a computer resources of the addressee that is not the designated computer resource, receipt occurs at the time when the electronic record is retrieved by the addressee; (4)   if the addressee has not designated a computer resource along with specified timings, if any, receipt occurs when the electronic record enters the computer resource of the addressee.

The second (nature’s environmental rights), pioneered by the governments of Ecuador and Bolivia, chooses to alter the procedural playing field altogether. We must find the means to introduce new ideas for effective and just environmental protection—locally, nationally, regionally, globally and points in between. “Participatory sensing” of water quality and other environmental factors could be decentralized to citizens with a stake in those resources. • The public trust doctrine of environmental law can and should be expanded to apply to a far broader array of natural resources, including protection of the Earth’s atmosphere. It depends where the Green Governance has to be applied: within a community, a state, a country or inside a company or even in a non-governmental organization. • The “stakeholder trust” could be used to manage and lease ecological resources on behalf of commoners, with revenues being distributed directly to commoners. But the reality is that it is the neoliberal project of ever-expanding consumption on a global scale that is the utopian, totalistic dream. If the Commons is going to achieve its promise as a governance template, however, there must be a suitable architecture of law and public policy to support it. The most famous example may be the General Public License, or GPL, which copyright owners can attach to software in order to assure that the code and any subsequent modifications of it will be forever accessible to anyone to use.

The GGKP Project Database allows you to browse on-the-ground initiatives to promote green growth, being led by our partners and other leading organisations. Disclaimer || When framed autonomously, interestingly, the right is found to exist principally—indeed, almost exclusively—in the developing worlds of Africa, Asia and Latin America. For larger-scale commons-pool resources—national, regional, global—the State must play a more active role in establishing and overseeing commons. In such circumstances, however, there is a structural tension between commoners and the State/Market because the State has strong economic incentives to forge deep political alliances with the Market and thus promote an agenda of privatization, commoditization and globalization despite the adverse consequences for ecosystems and commoners. You can change your ad preferences anytime. In the end of the meeting, the Chairman of the meeting shall announce the summary of the decisions taken in that meeting in respect of each agenda item and names of directors who have consented or dissented to those decisions. For more learning, CFI offers a wide range of courses on accounting, financial analysis, and financial modeling. Kosmos Journal is a leading source of information and insight about the commons worldwide. State Law and action may set the parameters within which Vernacular Law operates, but it does not directly control how a given commons is organized and managed. It entails serious reconsideration of some of the most basic premises of our economic, political, and legal orders, and our cultural orders as well.

We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Database || The history of legal recognition of the Commons, and thus the commoners’ right to the environment, goes back centuries and even millennia. Foundation House in San Francisco experiments with a commons-based housing model.

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