This is a standard grill cover which can be used for a wide range of grills. A secured cover means a secured grill ! Much of it also depends upon the grill quality and at times upon the person who is tasked to grill the food, and the important role of the grill cover. $59.29. Weber 7132 Weber … You can depend upon the protection provided by this cover under harsh climatic conditions also. Wipe the grill with a dry cloth once you are done with your cooking so that the food articles are removed, Always secure the cover with the grill using the straps. $46.99. Just ensure that the cover fits the grill well and tight. It will serve the purpose of safeguarding the grill for years and will work good on a number of Weber Genesis models. This grill cover will work good for the 3-burner grill only. The handles of the grill cover are padded for extra comfort and efficiency. Wash the cover and hang it out to dry under the sun. To secure the cover, it has straps of Velcro at required points. Multiple Velcro straps positioned on the sides of the cover help to secure it down tightly. Cleaning is easy & you can wash it as and when required. Hang it out on the wall under the sun for drying, & it will be ready to cover the grill in nick of the time. In the most fundamental analysis, yes you need a grill cover, without a doubt. Some of the covers listed in this article will work good for other grill models also, but they are part of this list specifically with the context of Weber Genesis Grills. A cover reduces the conditions conducive for growth of mold and mildew. How does Amazon calculate star ratings? If you are looking for a durable product which can stand against direct harsh sunlight without tearing apart, this one qualifies into your scheme of things. If you like grill food, you must have felt the excitement running up towards the first bite of your teeth into that grilled delicacy. Do not expose the grill towards water or moisture elements. The fabric is breathable which allows air to circulate and prevent forming of moisture on the grills. It’s an Oxford fabric 600D quality with an additional layer of PVC woven into it. Your visit to the repair man gets delayed with the protection the cover provides. There’s a PVC lining on the material, giving it its waterproof quality. Q: What is the width of the cover at the top? A precision superior 2-thread stitching gives the product a durable life. The material quality of the cover decides the durability of the grill cover. The width of such grills should not be more than 58 inches and on the lower side should be at least 55 inches for an excellent fit. Please check the measurement for your grill before you buy this cover. A: For your grill, measure the width from the left edge to the right most edge, the depth starting from back to front, and the height right from the base of the ground legs to the edge of the top  area – this will give you the dimensions for your grill, add another inch to each of the dimension and compare with the cover dimensions. Q: What is the life of this grill cover ? There will be spells of duration when the grill might not be in a regular use. Here, we will analyze the best grill covers across the market spectrum. Cleaning of the cover is simple and easy. You will have to do your own little bit to ensure that the grill remains fully functional all the times. The climatic exposure does not result in degradation of the product unlike other covers available in the market. It is a heavy duty grill cover made of premium polyester fabric. For example, air vents in the grill cover design. A: Yes, it’s a good fit for your grill. It is advisable to strive for a 100 percent fitment to ensure that the cover functions the way you intend it to. Millions of customers depend upon the goodwill and quality of Weber Genesis grills. It is a heavy duty grill cover made of premium polyester fabric. CDN$36.99. Right from light showers and thunderstorms & tornadoes, your wonderful grill will be exposed to lots and lots of water and moisture. It will be a goo fit for both the grill models. Q: Can the cover be used on Silver A Weber Genesis grill Weber 7131 Genesis II Grill cover. A lack of good fitment will result into space for entry of micro-organisms, water, dust and other pollutants. Getting a good strong cover for your grill is important for the longevity of the grill as well as for maintaining the efficiency levels of the product. More Detail Product ➡️ guys , welcome to my channel !Nowadays i want to Review about item B083TL2Y5L ⇛ ❄️ Grill Cover 7131 for Weber Genesis II 4 Burner Grill 65 x 445 x 25 inches Best Collection.Main Features:Fits any Genesis II 4 burner grillPremium heavy duty polyester fabric that is water \u0026 UV resistant along with breathable to help protect grill from elementsVelcro straps provide a more fitted appearance, \u0026 keep it in Place during windy conditionsVelcro straps provide a more fitted appearance, \u0026 keep it in Place during windy conditionsEasy to Clean \u0026 Easy Removal. A good cover protects a grill from fluctuating weather conditions capable of damaging the grill. However, if you have a disability we are here to help you. Point to consider while using the cover over the grill: Megan is a passionate home innovator with 20+ years of experience in home improvement industry. Q: How to find whether the cover will fit good on the grill? It is rip-resistance, and has beautiful presence on the grill. 4.0 out of 5 stars A Weber for my Weber. The grill cover will go good with a 3-burner or a 4-burner grill series. The Velcro straps keep the cover secured to the grill during windy conditions. It will also fit into a lot of other Weber Grill models but you will have check the dimensions before you pick this up for other grills. Grill Cover for Weber Genesis II, BBQ Cover for Weber Genesis Grill, Grill Covers for Weber Genesis II 3 Burner Grill and Genesis 300 Grills by JIESUO 4.5 out of 5 stars 276. This cover is good for all Genesis II series 4-burner grills. While a good grill might or might not help to cook good food, the grill’s efficiency has a direct relation to the quality of the cover used for its protection. One can boast about the  the quality of the grilled food like its crispness, the taste, the flavor, the level of juiciness, and the smoky burning smell. This reduces maintenance efforts needed by reducing the chances of rusting. But more importantly, the grill remains in good working condition and is able to dish out delicacies per your wishes and moods. Having said that, the final grill food quality is not about these factors alone. The first thing that crosses one’s mind when we think of getting a wonderful grill is to dig deep into the pockets, so that we can buy the best of the grills available in the market. The fabric is polyester and can survive harsh climatic conditions. It can stand high wind velocities. You must check the dimensions of your grill before picking this up to be sure of the fitment. Velcro tie straps help you to secure the cover with the grill giving it a tight fit and ensuring it does not blow away during strong wind conditions. Covers and Carry Bags Weber. You can wash it up as many times as you want. Now that you are aware of the benefits of having a grill cover, you might want to know the best cover for Weber grills. Weber 7131 Genesis II Grill Cover, Black 4.8 out of 5 stars 906. If you have bought yourself a Weber Genesis II 3-burner or a 2-burner grill, this cover will fit into your requirements. While the low priced cover options might look enticing as of now, they are actually going to cost you more by way of inefficient protection of the grill. Let us look at the what factors play a role in choosing a good cover and how we have chosen and curated the list of the grill covers. 7131 in by Weber in Levittown, PA - Premium Grill Cover. And most of the times, people don’t get really enough of their grilled food craving. This cover is a good fit for 3-burner and 4-burner grill options. Apart from the popular choice brands, this grill cover fits well for Weber Genesis Series II models like 310 and 330. Kingkong 7130 Grill Cover for Weber Genesis II 3 Burner Grill and Genesis 300 Series Grills (Compared to 7130) including Brush, Tongs and Thermometer 4.8 out of 5 stars 6,385.

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