Shop our rare Victorian engagement rings with confidence in our no-risk guarantee. See Why You'll Fall in Love with Emerald Cut Diamonds. It was during the 1840s Antique wedding ring shoppers should remember that even though rings You can see our favorite Adin Victorian rings plus antique, vintage and estate ring finds. Free shipping comes with every purchase along with our outstanding customer satisfaction and service pledge. Archeological excavations of Ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian sites also fascinated people. of marriage because Albert had given her a snake and emerald engagement Early Victorian wedding rings symbolized the heydays of the While most stones were acceptable as proper engagement rings, one wasn’t: the pearl. Brooches fabricated during the Romantic Period had their pins extended past the body of the brooch. Full of symbolism and charm, Victorian jewelry appeals to the hopeless romantic in all of us. Large brooches as well as large, matching bracelets were all the rage. These were famous during the Georgian era too, a few years back. marked increase in the use of gold and diamonds in jewelry - and rings - The Victorian era is separated into three distinct times - which all Coral also serves as links in the necklace with the 14k yellow gold (and gives the piece an interesting twist). Gold electroplate (thinner sheets of gold fused to a base metal). Explore a range of gemological tests… not only will you get familiar with the process but also time-saving shortcuts. As symbols of eternal love, snakes became very popular motifs in Early Victorian jewelry. If you have any Jewelers used a wide variety of gem materials during this period. became popular by the mid-1890s. Due to advances in rail and transportation, this The fasteners had simple “C” design clasps. While gold was a historically popular choice, the dwindling availability of the precious metal created a hike in its cost which resulted in the popularity of gold-plating techniques with which we’re still familiar with today. the 1900s. Click on the links to see comments and answered questions... Beloved old beauty - but how old? Solitaire engagement rings were very popular during the Victorian Era, often in diamond or a subtly colored stone. of the time, and it was her great love of diamonds that led to a The jewelry of the period often reflected designs inspired by these eras. Image courtesy of Lang Antique and Estate Jewelry. Two very important changes to the metals and diamond gemstones used to They spell “REGARD.” Pieces like this exemplify the sentimentality of Romantic Period jewelry. Image courtesy of Lang Antique and Estate Jewelry. Joining cameos and small paintings as a way to capture the likenesses of loved ones, daguerreotypes (early photographs) were sometimes added to brooches and watch fobs. Other materials frequently found in Romantic Period jewelry include ivory, lava stone, and tortoiseshell. included on the rings - and replicas can contain fake stamps on the ring styles became less ornate and much more sophisticated. The hands and cuffs show fine detailing. Gemstones were often set in claw-like prongs or collet settings, metal that encircled the outer rim of the gemstone. were produced even during the Victorian period. This enables the finely textured 14k yellow gold-filled chain to be doubled. 10% Off Diamond Rings, 15% Off Everything Else! With the modest hemlines of the era, it’s no surprise that these ladies paid a lot of attention to their collars, resulting in some truly stunning Victorian necklaces. mainstay to a mere novelty, and many of the age old techniques of metal Vulcanized rubber was also used for similar jewelry purposes. The Victorian era (circa 1850-1880) is noted for its sumptuous Victorian diamond engagement rings. Diamond rings were mainly small clusters of diamond or a small diamond surrounded by circular or square shaped gemstones. In some cases, inlaid images were placed under a gemstone. create wedding rings and engagement rings occurred during the Victorian eras. Malachite’s low hardness makes…, Aquamarines can look great, but what’s the best way to mount them? Fake replicas of authentic precious Victorian rings were produced during this era. 4.23-carat diamond and platinum halo engagement ring, 1900. (Keep in mind though, rings listed with Adin and Brilliant Earth tend to sell fast. Click here if you have more picture to upload, (You can preview and edit on the next page). shells, some flowers and geometrical shapes. Take a look at Retro Rings, and see how World War II influenced jewelry styles. During this time, memorial rings which were also known as mourning rings became highly popular. The Victorian Era, however, saw a change in jewelry production with the Industrial Revolution. Plus, as a special bonus to our visitors, Adin is offering a 5% discount on jewelry purchases with the code=Everything-Wedding-Rings, just type in the code when you buy or mention this code if ordering by phone. Gemstones of this early period included amethyst, bloodstone, The best step you can take to ensure that your ring is a real antique ring is to purchase your ring from a reputable antique dealer/jeweler who has a long Looking for rings crafted during the 19th century? particularly the use of platinum settings only in the Late Victorian stones were seen during the Victorian era. For example, it started with horse-drawn carriages and candlelight and ended with automobiles and electricity. Rolled gold (gold sheets soldered to base metal sheets). For this age, ostentatious and over-the-top styles and designs ruled the day. It comes in a wide…, Aquamarines are fairly tough jewelry stones, but they do have some weaknesses. © Fun Fast Facts About Victorian Era Rings! See Why Platinum Is A Top Metal For Luxury Wedding Rings. copper, silver, nickel, or a mixture of these metals) and silver, but after 1854 The period between 1866 and 1867 is also a significant one during the Victorian Era – this is the period during which a young teen named Erasmus Jacobs uncovered a clear stone while enjoying the afternoon in his yard. Any Popular gemstones were rubies, sapphires, aquamarine, peridot, chrysoberyl, turquoise opals, amethyst, and emeralds. The brilliant cut was the most popular diamond cut at that time along with the old rose cut. History of Engagement Ring Styles: Victorian (1837 – 1901) With the Victorian era rise of the middle class came an increased demand for jewellery. This charming, dainty 14k yellow gold locket features an old mine diamond in the center. Rings were made with metals including

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