He recalled in. Originally, they were the stars of a bubble gum commercial. "Rolling Stone, 9/83, On what his 'strip' on the cover of the album says about him..."I don't know.

The song suggests many interpretations: England dreaming of its lost empire, mankind longing for God, and Sting himself pining for an oasis of romantic peace.
Like a kind of collective pulse. The night before we went into the studio Stewart broke his collarbone falling off a horse and that meant we lost our last chance of recovering some rapport just by jamming together. I suspect they appear only as a gesture to the 'De Doo Dah Dah' legion of fans. So who will buy this album. The fat pillowy, synth-buzz and shadowy overdub intricacies of 1981's 'Ghost In The Machine' - a bold, necessary escape from the slowly asphyxiating limitations of the clipped pop-and-reggae snap of their first three albums - have been sharply reduced to a new radical geometry of melody and rhythm that refers back to but does not rely on that original sound. We would disagree violently in prose. I don't really feel like telling anymore. Der Liedtext erzählt von einer den Partner stets kontrollierenden Person: „Jeder Atemzug, jede Bewegung, jedes gebrochene Versprechen, auf Schritt und Tritt – ich beobachte dich!“, „Ich wachte mitten in der Nacht mit diesem Refrain im Kopf auf, setzte mich ans Klavier und hatte das Lied in einer halben Stunde geschrieben. Tracklisting. "Rolling Stone, 3/84, On the success of 'Synchronicity'..."I think there is a golden moment in a career when, very naturally, you put your finger out in front of you and you automatically touch the pulse of a lot of people. 'Synchronicity' was recorded on the island of Montserrat in 1983. In was tired, but I couldn't wait to hear more of this release so I decided to take a quick listen to 'Every Little Thing She Does is Magic'. "Hey Mr Dinosaur, you really couldn't ask for more / you were God's favourite creature but you didn't have a future," Sting calls out before adding, "We're walking in your footsteps.". 'Walking In Your Footsteps' is about the inevitable extinction of humankind (here compared to dinosaurs) via nuclear war - given the real possibility of this happening, the song is too mild by half; 'O My God' is about the silence of God and the essential loneliness of the individual; 'Synchronicity II' compares suburban angst fighting its way to the surface through a sludge of lethargy to the laborious emergence of the famous Loch Ness monster (that's right, and how you respond to this imaginative analogy will be more or less determined by how seriously you're willing to take Sting's grandiose glumness); 'King Of Pain' delineates its title by comparing the first person narrator's soul to no less than 13 grim if somewhat overwrought images ("a dead salmon frozen in a waterfall," a skeleton choking on a crust of bread," etc). I think I said it succinctly in the lyrics in a way that's meaningful and not overindulgent. So it was very clear to me during the making of this record this was the end of the Police. That apart, this record can't get much better. They had a few good tunes in them all the same. Es klingt wie ein tröstliches Liebeslied. It was done subconsciously. It's the record of a group coming apart and corning together, a widescreen drama with a fascination at a molecular level. Britain had gone to war with Argentina over the Falklands. He'd go away, the next day he'd come back with a song and he'd have a three word line such as "Russians love their children too" which would flatten me, blow me out of the water.

Actually, I haven't thought about this. "Album in June Okay, start the world tour in the autumn. Das Musikvideo zum Lied wurde in Schwarzweißfotografie gedreht, Regie führten Godley & Creme. Hopefully, it'll be synchronistic.

I felt the songs I wrote were different, so the playing had to be different," he said.

The album's lead-off track and first single 'Every Breath You Take' demonstrates these changes with a wily pop flair.

November 2020 um 18:16, Template:Infobox Chartplatzierungen/Wartung/NR1-Link, Liste der meistverkauften Singles in Deutschland, https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Every_Breath_You_Take&oldid=205633254, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“, Just Be Good to Me (Every Breath You Take). Insbesondere bei Every Breath You Take eskalierten die Streitigkeiten zwischen Sting und Schlagzeuger Stewart Copeland, sodass der Produzent Padgham schlichtend eingreifen musste. für ‚die Polizei‘) war eine englische New-Wave-Band, die in den späten 1970er- und frühen 1980er-Jahren die Pop-Rock-Musik entscheidend beeinflusste.Sie gilt zudem als eine der erfolgreichsten Rockformationen der Post-Punk- bzw. Like Marks and Spencer, The Police guarantee quality. The concept interested me in that it was about accidents and some of the greatest things that happen in music with a band are accidental, or apparently accidental. Sting's jungle fatigues may not have been any more convincing than Strummer's urban guerilla outfits but they appeared a sight more classy. That became the basis for the missing section. Sting in einem Interview auf seiner Website, Zuletzt bearbeitet am 17. And I didn't disagree with the ideas that he expressed in his songs. In. This is a long overdue greatest hits collection from what must be one of the most successful (and one of the richest) groups in the world. I think it's my function to vanish behind the handiwork, in a sense, and just let it stand on its own," was how Sting saw it.

Bruno Mars says his hit song with that title was written before the show started.

'Tea In The Sahara', 'Synchronicity's' moodiest, most tantalising song, is an aural mirage that brings back the birdcalls and jungle sounds of earlier songs as whispering, ghostly instrumental voices. June 1, 1983 . In the aftermath of their Synchronicity Tour in 1984, The Police announced that they were taking a pause of reflection before recording a new album. With 'Synchronicity', they have boldly redefined and revitalised their sound and vision. Here are the songs where they first showed up. Denmark & Winter's version was used on the TV series, If you didn't catch the true meaning of this song, don't worry, Stewart Copeland didn't either. Stewart Copeland worked on the soundtrack of the Francis Ford Coppola's film Rumble Fish, with the single "Don't Box Me In" peaking at No. Every Breath You Take – The Classics Strontium 90 – Police Academy The Police Certifiable Home Biography News Discography Outlandos d'Amour Regatta de Blanc Zenyatta Mondatta Ghost in the Machine Synchronicity Every Breath You Take – The Singles Greatest Hits Message In A Box – The Complete Recordings The Police Live! Actually, I did, but I just felt like a piece of shit. In 'O My God', Sting drops his third-world mannerisms to voice a desperate plea for help to a distant deity: "Take the space between us, and fill it up , fill it up, fill it up! Cain talks about the divine inspirations for "Don't Stop Believin'" and "Faithfully.". Die Melodie selbst ist gewöhnlich, eine Anhäufung von hunderten anderen, aber die Worte sind interessant. In July the band booked time in the studio to record a new album. Not there's very much wrong with it.
It is occasionally sensational. My feeling before we made the album was that we had to change our sound, because there were a lot of clone groups who sounded a bit like us. "Musician, 6/83, "It was important that this album be different. Sting is a King Of Pain. Consider for example, 'Tea In The Sahara'. They're not connected logically, but symbolically and emotionally they are. It's an engaging collection. "Song"(s) YYYY-MM-DD: Country 7" Singles. I feel connected on a deeper level than the pulse. As 'Synchronicity' progresses it further dawns that Sting is using his unremittingly public life to retreat into a private propriety.

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