In: Conference: 14th IEEE international conference on advanced video and signal based surveillance (AVSS), Lecce 29 August 01 September 2017., Carlucci R, Fanizza C, Cipriano G, Poli C, Russo T, Vassallo P (2016) Modeling the spatial distribution of the striped dolphin (Stenella coeruleoalba) and common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) in the Gulf of Taranto (Northern Ionian Sea, Central-eastern Mediterranean Sea). The striped dolphin is among the most studied members of the Delphinidae family and is very abundant in the oceans. 2018). Sci Mar. Its habitats are waters with temperatures ranging from 10° to 26° Celsius degrees but tend to avoid waters that are less than 20° Celsius. Fin whale and loggerhead turtle biomasses were estimated from abundance data (N km−1) obtained from the OBIS SeaMap database (Halpin et al. 2009) was carried out by means of fishermen’s reports aggregating data at an unappropriated administrative scale rather than considering ecological overlapping between species and fleet displacement. There is a pattern of dark stripes extending from the eyes to the flippers and another set that begin near the eyes and end in the anus. Capezzuto Francesca. The exploitation of fishery resources acts as a driving force on cetaceans both directly, by determining their fishing mortality or injury as by-catch species, and indirectly, through the lowering the availability of their prey. In: Salem DJ, Rowan AN (eds) The state of animals 3rdedn. 2007). The problem is that some fishing is illegal and there are not records of all deaths.

PLoS ONE 9(4):e95845, PubMed  Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, EUR 27758 EN, JRC 101548, pp 483, STECF (2013) Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries, 2013.

Academic Press, 2015. An assessment of the overlap between cetacean diets and catch composition was estimated by means of an overlap index (Fishery Overlap index, FOi) on the basis of the Pianka approach (1973). Moreover, the fishery can directly represent a serious threat because of the by-catch or incidental non-targeted catch of marine mammals (eg., Bearzi 2002; Gilman et al. 2014). The values used in the form of a pedigree index varied between 0 (low quality) and 1 (high quality). The striped dolphin groups in pods of 100 to 500 individuals organized by age, gender and reproduction status. Consequently, a proportion of prey distributed below this limit in their diet was considered as imports (Lassalle et al. 2014). Deep Sea Res II 57:397–411, D’Onghia G, Carlucci R, Maiorano P, Panza M (2003) Discard from deep-water bottom trawling in the Eastern-Central Mediterranean Sea and effects of mesh size change. In fact, although the striped dolphin shares different bathyal squids as food items with both the sperm whale and Risso’s dolphin, it preferentially exploits the mesopelagic fishes (Dede et al. The striped dolphin showed the lowest Omnivory Index (OI) value (0.25), the Risso’s dolphin and the common bottlenose dolphin showed the same OI (0.31) and the sperm whale was the species with the highest OI (1.29) in the GoT food web (Table 2).

2016). 2014) and models developed in the Greek Ionian Sea and the Strait of Sicily, which are both close to the study area (Moutopoulos et al. Prog Oceanogr 68(2–4):115–124, ICCAT (2010) Collective volume of scientific papers—International commission for the conservation of atlantic tunas.

They are usually encountered further off the coastline then our resident bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins. Moreover, the FOi was estimated on the catches and the landings for both the overall fleet and the single gear. The small-scale fishery (gillnets, trammel nets, set long lines, traps) is characterized by vessels with a length-over-all (LOA) of 6–12 m limiting operation to the coastal grounds, while the bottom otter trawls (LOA of 12–18 m) mainly exploit the shelf break and slope (Russo et al. In order to balance the model, a pre-balancing analysis (PREBAL, Link 2010) was carried out to assess the coherence of the input data with the basic thermodynamic laws, rules and principles of ecosystem ecology at the system level (Heymans et al. Your email address will not be published. Aquatic Conserv Mar Freshw Ecosyst 21:261–267, Bearzi G, Reeves RR, Remonato E, Pierantonio N, Airoldi S (2011) Diet of Risso’s dolphin Grampus griseus in the Mediterranean Sea.

2018d, 2020; Maglietta et al. The striped dolphin showed the highest percentage of negative and positive impacts (32.7% and 14.1%, respectively). PLoS ONE 14(1):e0210659. 2016. Futurismo obtains International Certification for Responsible Whale Watching. Starting from these diets used as a baseline, additional food items were also integrated from the literature, when available, to improve the robustness of the input information. 2016). However, although damage to nets caused by T. truncatus cannot be excluded, the presence of the cetaceans in the area widely counter balances any economic effective loss due to their eco-trophic roles maintaining the functional integrity of the food web which supports different ecosystem services and benefits (Pace et al. The main prey consumed by striped dolphin were Mesopel F (37%), SHB_Squids_BP and SL_Squids_BP (a total of 23%) and SL_BathypelF_pisc (11%). Energy balance for each group is also ensured by equating its consumption (Q/Bi) with the sum of production (P/Bi), respiration (R/Bi) and unassimilated food (U/Q* Q/Bi). In particular, the common bottlenose dolphin showed the highest overlap values with the MIX, PS and GTR catches (0.72, 0.70 and 0.44, respectively), while the striped dolphin showed relevant overlap value with the OTB catches (0.30). Analysis showed a negative and non-selective impact on the exploited species due to the fishing gears, while the odontocetes proved to select their prey species and provide a positive impact in the assemblage. 2011). This latter result as well as those from KSi, PM, and consumption flows indicated a negligible role in the investigated food web in comparison with that played by the odontocetes. Differently, the most important keystone groups in the food web were found to be the Macrozooplankton and Macrobenthic invertebrates characterized by bottom-up controls. Striped dolphin (Stenella coeruleoalba) is one of the most widely distributed dolphins. The percentage value of the negative impacts on the GoT food web due to all fishing gears was equal to 88.2% (Fig. Other name: Whitebelly; Blue-white dolphin; Meyen's dolphin; Streaker porpoise The main target species in the trawl commercial catches are the European hake (Merluccius merluccius), red mullets (Mullus barbatus and M. surmuletus), cuttlefish (Sepia officinalis), octopus (Octopus vulgaris), common pandora (Pagellus erythrinus), deep-water rose shrimp (Parapenaeus longirostris), giant red shrimp (Aristaeomorpha foliacea), and blue and red shrimp (Aristeus antennatus) (Russo et al. 2018a). Estuar Coast Shelf Sci 204:177–192, Carlucci R, Akkaya Baş A, Maglietta R, et al (2018d) Site fidelity, residency and habitat use of the Risso’s dolphin Grampus griseus in the Gulf of Taranto (Northern Ionian Sea, Central-eastern Mediterranean Sea) by photo-identification. The Exploitation rate (E) values estimated for each FG showed the highest over-exploitation conditions for the Anglers (0.74), the DWR Shrimp and the Hake (0.62), and the L pel F (0.61) (Online Resources 2, TableS6). The 29 FGs were named using a trinomial nomenclature, reporting indications on the bathymetric layer (first code, Shelf-SH, Shelf Break-SHB, Slope-SL), the taxonomy of group (middle part) and the characteristic feeding habits of the group (last part) (Table 1, Online Resource 1, Table S1). ACCOBAMS-ECS-WK Threats (2017) Inputs to the ACCOBAMS ongoing effort to map human threats on Cetaceans in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. Commonly it thrives in areas of upwelling and convergence.

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