I quite honestly would not want to be one of the officers on Saturday night or Sunday night, dealing with all of the people that they do downtown.". In Baton Rouge the use-of-force rate was 1.7 percent from Jan. 1, 2011, to Dec. 31, 2012, the most recent years for which the FBI had annual arrest data. Otto's roommate video-recorded the incident. Officers shot at car in the Target parking lot and injured man. The racial disparity was more pronounced when it came to fatal shootings. You can find contact information for your city police department or county sheriff's office on FDLE's website. The county also has more than 1,400 deputies patrolling 760 square miles, compared with the Police Department's 740 officers patrolling 114 square miles. Sometimes that's the bad guy. A third of all use-of-force incidents occurred in the city's downtown area, which encompasses about 1 square mile and includes nearly 80 bars and restaurants.

"I believe there is an unwritten policy that if you behave that way, we will protect you, so there are no consequences for that behavior," she said.

Officer used force on man during domestic-violence arrest.

One of his clients, 30-year-old Marcus Cull, an Orlando man who had served time in prison for armed robbery, was shot in the back by Officer Carlos Villaverde on May 6, 2011, after police mistook him for a robbery suspect. Mina and Dyer agree that settling excessive-force cases is often a business decision. Several lawyers who have filed police-brutality lawsuits against the department say OPD officers do not appear to single out blacks. The department will contact the complainant by letter to acknowledge receipt of the complaint. Karvas Gamble Jr. was killed in 2013 by an officer who said Gamble reached for a gun. Complaints received in the troops will be referred to the Office of the Inspector General at FLHSMV Headquarters in Tallahassee, for review and investigative assignment. Seven of the 10 people fatally shot by OPD officers were black. The Sentinel found Orlando officers used force more often than cops in several other cities with police departments, populations and minority communities of similar size. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies. "I think they use force way too liberally," Allen said. Complaints of a routine nature will generally be assigned to FHP Troop investigators.

The fourth, Phillip "Chase" Fugate, 31, was charged with battery and perjury, accused of hitting a handcuffed suspect while the man sat on a curb.

The total payout for Baton Rouge does not include those that were less than $10,000, information that officials would not provide to the Sentinel. OPD's total was more than 1,900.

", "I do not think our officers use too much force," he said. Val Demings said that comparing OPD's use-of-force rate to those in cities with the same population fails to take into account thousands of tourists and visitors who flock to Orlando, effectively pushing its population higher. It includes Ybor City, a one-square-mile area home to 55 bars and restaurants, according to Ybor City Development Corp. Tampa Police Department counts more types of force than OPD. Officers used force on man in private parking garage.

Attorney Frank T. Allen, who negotiated a $3,000 settlement in an excessive-force lawsuit against the city on behalf of a 62-year-old retired police officer, agreed with Laurent that it's not a race issue. Prosecutors, however, never filed charges. Rich Pope provided videos and photographs. But when Cull saw a man approaching him on foot with a gun, he said he didn't realize that person was a police officer, so he sped away. Bishop Allen "TD" Wiggins, who heads The Hope Church in Orlando, said he was discouraged but not surprised that blacks made up 55 percent of OPD's force cases.

OPD has encouraged the use of pepper spray over other forms of force, Mina and Dyer said. One officer slammed Otto into a wall twice, knocking him unconscious. Watch more videos related to OPD's use of force. Body-worn cameras improve evidence collection and report writing. Officers used force on woman during UCF tailgate party. Alpert and Dennis Kenney, a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York, agreed it is a bad sign that four OPD officers had been charged with illegally hitting, kicking or shooting at suspects in separate incidents last year. Hundreds of Orlando cops used force to make arrests, but a fraction of officers — 5 percent — accounted for 25 percent of the 3,200 instances where force was used. Those officers I've disciplined.". "We're going to continue to be transparent," Dyer said, "and we're going to be accountable.". Incomplete data were supplemented with other public data sets from the Orlando Police Department, Orange County Clerk of Courts and Orange County Jail records. Orlando Police Department officers used force more than 4,400 times in 3,200 incidents from 2010-14. An Orlando jury on April 16, 2012, concluded the Orlando Police Department had "a custom or policy" of violating the constitutional rights of suspects. For 10 months, the Sentinel investigated the way the Orlando Police Department used force. Seven were black. Officer used force on man during an incident at Universal.

The number of suspects who were injured by OPD officers in force cases peaked in 2012 at nearly 480. Officer used force on woman at nightclub. In at least five excessive-force lawsuits, the agency never conducted internal-affairs investigations into the officers involved, even though the city or its insurer paid more than $1 million in damages to people who sued. (Sept. 9, 2015) Credit: Rich Pope/Orlando Sentinel. Orlando officers used force in 5.6 percent of their arrests, more than double the rate of some other agencies, including Tampa's, the Sentinel found. Officer's K-9 attacked teen mistaken for criminal suspect. The city has about 740 officers and a population of 238,000.

Orlando and the Orange County Sheriff's Office, the region's two largest law-enforcement agencies, have such differences. Officer used forced on woman outside nightclub. He was sentenced to five years of probation and stripped of his police credentials. Former Orlando police officer William Escobar, who was fired from OPD in February, is currently on trial for battery and perjury. The data, covering a five-year period from 2010 through 2014, were provided in a nondigital format that required approximately 150 hours of manual entry by Orlando Sentinel editors and reporters, who were assisted by several University of Central Florida students hired on a temporary basis. Rene Stutzman was the primary reporter and writer, with additional reporting by Desiree Stennett.
"That doesn't mean we did anything wrong.". Officer used force on woman with multiple sclerosis at Universal. Orlando police officer Phillip "Chase" Fugate was acquitted by a jury in Orange County Court on excessive force charges.

At a red light near the Mall at Millenia, police used a patrol car to box Cull in. "The only thing I can do is I can make my message clear, which I have.

She also said Orlando's $3.6 million excessive-force payout includes money paid by the city's insurer, something Downs said skews the total. The Sentinel's findings raise "a lot of red flags," said Geoffrey Alpert, a University of South Carolina criminal-justice professor and expert on police use of force. Officer Peter Delio, 31, was captured on video kneeing a suspect in a holding cell — a move that ruptured the man's spleen and caused other internal injuries. He could not say why those four officers behaved as they did. "We see it all the time in the community," he said, adding that the important thing is to find a solution to the problem and make sure black suspects are treated fairly in the future. The department also documents possible broken bones, loss of consciousness, knocked-out teeth, chest pains and burns. Since then, both have been on the decline. Officer used force on man leaving nightclub along Orange Avenue.
"I don't regret running at all," Cull said. "I spared my life.". The cases are in order by total payment. 3,100 people who were hit, kicked, pepper-sprayed, shocked or had some other force used on them, It is unfair, Mina said, to compare OPD's force numbers, A third of all use-of-force incidents occurred, captured on video kneeing a suspect in a holding cell, captured on video kicking and hitting a handcuffed suspect, pleaded guilty in May to shooting 23 times at the car, An Orange County jury acquitted Fugate Oct. 21, 30-year-old Marcus Cull, an Orlando man who had served time in prison for armed robbery, was shot in the back. Otto's version of what happened that night, March 29, 2010, is very different from what Alban wrote in his arrest report. I can impose discipline on those officers that do commit these acts. You can report these calls to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). The Sentinel did not review the narratives of each of those cases, focusing instead on the data. Officer responding to family dispute at a home used forced on man. Mina was adamant that his officers do not needlessly hurt people.

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