Contains an oxidation inhibitor to limit clouding at higher temperatures. }; Multigrade oil ~ 140 - 200 . Product inventions such as the two-component coolant and multi-function oils have led to lasting improvements and cost savings in the production processes of well-known manufacturers in industry. Ester oil-based products are not affected by this classification. Silicone Fluid–Clear heat transfer fluid with high oxidation resistance and low volatility. Crude oil viscosity as function of gravity - Viscosity at 20°C/68°F and 50°C/122°F for more than 120 crudes is shown as function of specific gravity@15°C/60°F Dynamic or Absolute Viscosity Converting Chart - Dynamic viscosity converting chart with units like Poiseuille - Poise - centiPoise and more } Kinematic Viscosity (ASTM D445/ISO3105): 1 centi-Stoke (cSt) = 1 mm2/s. For general purpose lubrication and excellent rust resistance, mineral-based rust and oxidation oils are some of the best lubricants to have in your arsenal. }; if (breadcrumbList.children.length >= 2) { Designed for use with Koehler capillary-type viscometer tube baths and vacuum regulator. Suitable for use at temperatures of up to 230°F (110°C). ​ var secondToLastBreadcrumb = breadcrumbList.lastChild.previousElementSibling.previousElementSibling; // grab the ul containing the breadcrumbs Recommended for constant temperature bath applications above 240°F (116°C). For ASTM D2171, “Viscosity of Asphalts by Vacuum Capillary Viscometers.” Precisely controls vacuum from 28 to 411 mm Hg below atmospheric pressure to an accuracy of ±0.5 mm Hg. Some petroleum products can cause serious health problems when they are drunk accidentally. window.purechatApi = { l: [], t: [], on: function () { this.l.push(arguments); } }; (function () { var done = false; var script = document.createElement('script'); script.async = true; script.type = 'text/javascript'; script.src = ''; document.getElementsByTagName('HEAD').item(0).appendChild(script); script.onreadystatechange = script.onload = function (e) { if (!done && (!this.readyState || this.readyState == 'loaded' || this.readyState == 'complete')) { var w = new PCWidget({c: '34a56466-f3bd-4004-aab0-28a088f650bb', f: true }); done = true; } }; })(); ISO VG 220 | Rust & Oxidation Oil | Mineral Base. e[i].innerHTML = ""; Glycol ~ 200 - 220 . Automatic Microscale Continuously Closed Cup Flash Point Analyzer, Automatic Microscale Vapor Pressure Analyzer, Automatic Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester, • For use with glass capillary viscometers, • For use with HKV baths for temperature up to 232°C (450°F). (a[f] = h.ak); d = e.getElementsByTagName(g)[0]; $(document).ready(function() { PAO oil ~ 135 - 160 . A viscosity index below 100 is considered low, while a VI higher than 200 is considered very high. Supplied with 4-year battery and calibration certificate traceable to NIST. 2 GHS: Global Harmonized System. })(window, document, "_googWcmImpl", "_googWcmAk", "script"); b.async = 1; • Calibration certificate traceable to NIST. $(".price--withoutTax").each(function() { GHS is a global regulation which is implemented into the EU through the CLP regulation. }); // if breadcrumbs are present on page You can calculate pre-filled values of oil classified by ISO 3448 with grades VG22, VG32, VG46 or VG68 (at … Shop by ISO VG 220 Mineral Base Rust & Oxidation/Bearing Oil category below. Viscosity Index. Housed in a rugged high impact case with 40" (102cm) lanyard. In the case of ISO VG 220 oil, those numbers are 198 cSt and 242 cSt, respectively. } b = e.createElement(g); According to the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE), viscosity is one of an oils most important physical properties. Mineral oil or liquid petrolatum is a by-product in the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline. if ($(this).text() =='$0.00') { Mineral oils have VIs below 100, PAO synthetic oils around 150, while high-oleic canola oil has a VI of 220. Ester ~ 140 - 190 . Viscosity index numbers above 95 are considered high. // style b.src = "//"; var callback = function (formatted_number, mobile_number) { For the classification of such mineral oils (according to the CLP Regulation1 for all hydrocar-bons), the viscosity limit was 7mm2/s until 1st December 2010. Ester oil-based products are not affected by this classification. // display second to last breadcrumb When a mixture contains ≥ 10% of a mineral oil, which is classified in category 1, and when this mixture´s kinematic viscosity, measured at 40°C, is ≥ 20.5 mm 2 /s, this mixture itself is to be classified accordingly. White Mineral Oil: Silicone Fluid : Nominal Viscosity: 14.2-17.0 cSt @ 40°C: 100 cSt @ 25°C : Minimum Flash Point: 248°F (120°C) 392°F (200°C) Specific Gravity @ 25°C: 0.839-0.855: 0.964 : Shipped in 1 gal (3.785L) or 5 gal (18.925L) containers Amount of vacuum is shown on digital display. } e[i].href = "tel:" + mobile_number; Any mineral oil is supplied with the specification of kinematic viscosity values at two different temperatures, usually at 40°C and at 100°C (or at 100°F and at 210°F). Can be used interchangeably with Cannon®-Fenske, Cannon®-Manning, Cross-Arm and Ubbelohde type capillary viscometers. plastic holders or rectangular metal holders. H304: May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways, 3.10.2 Classification criteria for substances, 3.10.3 Classification criteria for mixtures. Aside from the many usages including the lubrication of compressors, geared turbines, circulation systems, and certain industrial applications, mineral-based R&O bearing oils are designed to provide excellent lubrication to rolling-element and plain bearings in machine tools.

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