On a hot day the reptile house has some of the best air conditioning in the Middle East. Not only does the zoo display these Biblical species, it has also been instrumental in efforts to reintroduce them to their ancient habitats (other, non-Israeli endangered species are also kept at the zoo in hopes they will breed and bolster their numbers).

[2] The zoo had about 55,000 members in 2009. [9], The zoo, renamed the Tisch Family Zoological Gardens in Jerusalem, but still called the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo by the general public, opened for a preview period on 28 February 1993. Tree-planting activities are an annual Tu Bishvat tradition.

[16] The zoo grew to 28 acres (11 ha) and more than 200 species, including most of the 130 animals mentioned in the Bible. The Special Activities upgrade the visit, and it is still one of the best zoos in Israel.

Zookeepers resorted to hunting down stray dogs near garbage dumps in order to feed the carnivorous animals.

The zoo uses slow-release hormones to control its chimpanzee and mandrill populations, which are reproducing too quickly for the space they occupy; letting the animals multiply and sending family members to other zoos is unwise, according to veterinarians. In spring 2010 it unveiled a $1.5 million aquatic exhibit called "Wet Side Story"[56] which stresses the importance of water conservation, ecology awareness, and water challenges in the Middle East and around the world. About 30 percent of its attendance came from Haredi families from northern Jerusalem and Muslim families from East Jerusalem—two population groups that normally do not participate in the city's cultural offerings. [1], The master plan for expansion is drafted by the zoo's main planning body, the International Zoological Committee, which is staffed by professionals in wildlife conservation, zoo management, education, tourism and economics. The old zoo closed in 1991, and the process of moving to the new location was begun which culminated in the current zoo being opened in 1993. The explanations are nice, and you always learn something new. 10:30 Small animals building11:00 Lions (enrichment)           Meerkats at Underground World11:30 Chimpanzees           Yellow marten (enrichment)12:00 Penguins12:30 Female elephant training1:00 Ibex and fallow deer at the entrance to the Bible Lands Preserve1:30 Giraffes at the African Yard        Asian otters at Wet Side Story2:00 Meerkats at Underground World3:00 Chimpanzees enrichment activities3:30 Peccary at the South American Yard4:00 Penguins          Lemur Land4:30 Female elephants enrichment4:15 Red panda4:30 Elephants (enrichment)4:45 Kangaroo at the Australian Yard. The entire park is wheelchair-accessible; each train can also accommodate one wheelchair.

As a result of the hardships caused by Israel’s War of Independence in 1948, the zoo was transferred once again to a larger area of 60 dunams (6 hectares, or just under 15 acres) in Givat Komuna, adjacent to the neighborhood of Romema.

If you are driving there, then enter “Jerusalem Zoo” (or 1 Derech Aharon Shulov, Jerusalem) into the navigation app, and you will get there. There is also an animal-themed jungle gym for children and a sculpture garden containing 23[23] phantasmagorical animal sculptures decorated with stones, mirrors, and mosaics,[24] which double as climbing toys, designed by French sculptor Niki de Saint Phalle, together with an underground Noah's Ark sculpture designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta. [44], The zoo conducts a small ceremony each time it returns a bird to the wild. (Save time and  bring passport photos for everyone over three years old.). In 1941, a somewhat larger zoo was established on Shmuel Hanavi Street in Jerusalem.

This medical center cares for all zoo animals except the elephants, giraffes, rhinoceroses, hippopotamus, and bison, which are treated in their own exhibits. [13] Zoo planners decided to branch beyond strictly biblical animals and include worldwide endangered species as well. Holiday eve – 9:00 to 16:30 [58][59][60][61][62] Through its Aharon Shulov Fund for the Study of Animals in Captivity, it also provides grants for research on animal welfare and husbandry, animal reintroduction, reproduction of endangered species, conservation genetics, and exotic animal nutrition and medical care.

And you do not feel cheated since everybody pays the same. [22] The lake is fed by a series of pools and waterfalls,[19] beginning at an artificial waterfall called "Moses' Rock" (an allusion to the well of Miriam which provided water for the Israelites during their 40-year sojourn in the desert). Renewal of membership within two months before expiration entitles the member to a 10% discount on the following year’s membership. [13] Zoo planners decided to branch beyond strictly biblical animals and include worldwide endangered species as well. Entry fees are currently 55 NIS per person (42 NIS for individuals in groups — check out the details of the ticket prices at the end of this article). Among the proposed additions are a 2,000-square-metre (22,000 sq ft) educational center and an exhibit called Yemei Bereishit (In the Days of Genesis) which replicates Biblical conditions and excludes all modern devices, including cell phones and animal-keeping equipment. A wooden bridge with viewpoints crosses over this area. According to Shai Doron, director-general of the zoo since 1993,[50] "Our moral right to exist comes from educating and raising the awareness of our visitors. Water is recycled and pumped back to Moses' Rock through an underground system. [38] A concurrent project to protect the Negev tortoise from extinction involves breeding from artificially-incubated eggs.

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There is also an outdoor "petting pool" where visitors can touch and feed koi. It is wheelchair accessible; although be warned that it is very expansive and there are some steep paths.

In spring 2010 it unveiled a $1.5 million aquatic exhibit called "Wet Side Story"[58] which stresses the importance of water conservation, ecology awareness, and water challenges in the Middle East and around the world. Jerusalem Biblical Zoo Enjoy Israel's most-visited attraction! [53] In 2006 a hippopotamus died after swallowing a tennis ball tossed into its enclosure.

[33] In 2006 receptacles for collecting used plastic drink bottles were installed next to each of the snack bars, and used batteries are collected at the gift shop. Save your energy for the zoo itself. var lat_map='';

Then we reached theBible Land Wildlife Preserve And African Savannah. Note: purchasing a ticket for the Israel Aquarium does not provide entrance to the zoo. Not only that, the attraction change but also as kids grow older, and you get to see more.

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