She helped me massage for the last few minutes when it became apparent that the color would most certainly be closer to blue than I’d ever seen on a true plant fiber. Out of interest I also decided to compare the Long Leaf Japanese Indigo to Woad.

The blue dye comes out after the leaves are treated. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I processed a similar quantity of Woad leaf according to the 24 hour soak method in the experiment. The more leaves you use (or the more subsequent times you dip in concentrated fresh leaf baths) the more deep and saturated of a color you can expect. Read more. They were then left for about 2 hours to give ample time for the indigo to be reduced. Fresh cut indigo needs to be kept chilled. After leaves are removed, alkali (ammonia) added and liquid aerated. So if you’re attempting fresh leaf indigo, it might be wise to check the pH of your water (especially if you’re on well water) and if it tends towards base or alkaline- add a bit of lemon juice or vinegar to keep your indigo and enzymes happy, fresh and fully available for your fabric. I've heard the "salt rub" method mentioned a lot over these past few months and found this helpful blog post and video which I … We did try one experiment when we cooled the extraction bath artificially but that was too quick and the results were very poor. The fibers in the ‘various fibers’ section are all mostly cellulose without a soymilk pre-treatment, which explains why they did not take much color and in clockwise order starting at the top are: cotton, linen, cotton and hemp/silk (70%hemp / 30%silk). Lots of indigo bloom on leaves. If you’re confused, don’t worry… I still get crossed eyes forcing myself to understand chemistry for the sake of my dye pots. You've already signed up for some newsletters, but you haven't confirmed your address. This helps keep a naturally occuring process called hydrolysis from happening where the leaves begin to break down liberating the indigo making molecule (indican) and the enzyme (beta glucose) from their separate forms where the enzyme quickly dissipates and the indican stays a bit longer before eventually degrading. Sign up for my newsletter to receive workshop updates, promotions, and video release info. This is supposed to yield a light, turquoise-like blue on the silk. Very cold water (John stores gallons and gallons in the refrigerator) and indigo leaves in a blender: grinding the fresh indigo.

Hot Soak Method (based on Jenny Dean) Once batch of leaves was added to a large pan with about 8 litres of cold tap water (20°C) and then gradually heated with constant stirring to 75°C. -whether you choose the blender method (see my blog post here for procedure) or simple salt rub method, intend on using at least twice as many leaves by weight than fiber if you’re after saturated tones of aqua, turquoise, peacock or teal blues. The most popular colour?

The past attempts Ive made at fresh leaf indigo dyeing cellulose fibers had left me a bit discouraged as I hadn’t been patient enough in waiting for the soy to fully cure on the fiber (maybe waiting just a few days instead of weeks) and the resulting color was a green, not a blue. However, heating, cooking and stirring the leaves increased the amount of fine particulate plant material in the liquid which increased the amount of sludge in the bottom of the dye bath. Indigo plants have lovely flowers, but it is the leaves and branches that are used for dye. Woven Shibori: Weaving and Dyeing with Natural Dyes.

I intentionally picked a little more than twice the weight of the fiber to be dyed in indigo leaves to ensure ample color potential. Dyeing with Fresh Indigo Plants. Natural Dyed Textiles on the Mendocino Coast. You guessed it: blue. The indigo that grows in Madagascar is Indigofera erecta. The liquid was then oxygenated, by pouring back and forth between buckets about 20 times. The recipe calls for 4 ounces of J. indigo leaves, half air-dried, half microwave-dried. These are blended up with ice-water in a blender, the mixture is strained through a cloth (like a flour sack towel) and a strainer, and then the pre-wetted silk is placed in the thick mixture for 10-20 minutes. Read more. For instructions on how to dye with fresh indigo leaves visit my blog post here or this wonderful tutorial on Turkey Red. There’s something to be said about physically coercing the color onto the fabric or yarn as you rub it straight from the leaves onto the textile without any waste of water or dye. Henna is a natural colorant being used by humans for over 5000 years. Learn more. I have a sense that I’ve been overdoing it with the ice and potentially even doing damage to my enzyme by blending my indigo leaves too cold- essentially making an indigo slushy. The most common fresh indigo leaves material is silk. I have tried most of them and found that what is important is the pH not the exact chemical used to get there.

Any indigo I don’t use straightaway for dyeing, I store as liquid sludges. There was a problem subscribing you to this newsletter. Besides coloring hair, it is also a very good conditioner, and its usage is growing very rapidly in many countries because of its health and therapeutic benefits. 2) Persicaria tinctoria ready for harvest. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If you have any suggestions or ideas on other variables that might alter the results or lend toward a longer working time or more efficient way to reap more color- please note in the comments below!

The second stage adds an alkali and fructose to the strained leaves and chemically reduces them by heating. So if you have the patience and foresight- I recommend treating some cellulose/plant fibers in fresh home made protein rich soymilk in the weeks prior to your fresh leaf indigo dyeing session to give the soy some time to cure and bond well with the fiber. So either fresh leaf indigo extaction, dried leaves or the traditional purchased indigo powder was the path for me.

A small quantity of the liquid (viewed from above in a white plastic cup) looked olive green. Both pots were then gently stirred to promote even dyeing and the skeins were removed after 20 minutes. Generally the results so far looked good, with much more blue visible than in the Jenny Dean method. Comparison of colour of water after extraction. For myself I’m quite happy to continue using my modified Jenny Dean process as it is fast and reliable. You may also consider holding off on rinsing immediately and letting the fabric oxidize and dry before rinsing to preserve a bit more saturation of color. The pairing of the molecule that has the potential to make blue- ‘indican’ and it’s naturally occurring neighbor also present in the leaves called ß-D-glucose is called INDOXYL- and she is the beautiful blue belle of the fresh leaf making ball. John showed us that a simple spray of the leaves with a cool spritzer can help maintain a happy enzyme rich leaf matter while you’re stripping leaves for processing. And when I saw Rebecca Desnos achieve a blue tone on a semi-cellulosic (bamboo fabric) (her process is detailed on her blog) last year- I knew I must try a plant fiber coated in protein rich soymilk and plan ahead to allow the soy to cure. So, now to the experiment which was a bit slap dash, but I am sure that it was systematic enough to have fairly good validity for a home dyer. Once batch of leaves was added to a large pan with about 8 litres of cold tap water (20°C) and then gradually heated with constant stirring to 75°C. There are 16 fresh indigo leaves for sale on Etsy, and they cost CA$54.56 on average. Indigo Leaves manufacturers - NCC Agro Industries exporters, suppliers of Fresh Indigo Leaves india, indian Indigo Leaves,Natural Indigo Leaves manufacturer, wholesale Fresh Indigo Leaves suppliers, Indigo Leaves, Fresh Indigo Leaves, Natural Indigo Leaves

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