7,8,9,10, W.C. Newington, a tobacconist, was the first occupant of no. 536. He moved twice, finally settling at no. Coles, who loaded them into his motor bike with side car to resell in his Smith Street Nothing Over 2/6 shop. Constable and motorist - unwilling joy rider, The Mechanic of Rathdowne Street : Martin John Shelley. Houses, 27. for more detailed advice on finding places within A Vision of Britain through Time When he threatened to "give her a hiding", the young men in question "gave me a hiding". The building was demolished in late 2013 and redeveloped as residential apartments. In May 1966, the Stranger family suffered a tragic loss when one of their 3 year old twin boys died in a fire upstairs in the building. Click here A door-to-door survey of shops and businesses in Rathdowne Street revealed 87 against and only 3 in favour of the proposed plantation. The first cable tram service to Richmond commenced in November 1885 and by July 1886 The Age reported "The tramway system of Melbourne, now clasping the city and its environs like the tentacles of an octopus, is making far more rapid progress than was even hoped for or expected."

He brought the boy back home to North Carlton, and sought a dissolution of his marriage on the ground of misconduct. CARLTON: A HISTORY, Edited by Peter Yule, Melbourne University Press, $59.95.
North Carlton. Varley in 1895 (he had been next door at no. 5 The Argus, 11 December 1886, p. 11 On its final journey on 2 August 1936, both the tram car and crew were besieged by souvenir hunters, seeking a piece of memorabilia. In 1979 David Nolte took over the pharmacy at no. Lygon Street north of Elgin Street was not part of the cable tram network. 536 Rathdowne Street, on the south eastern corner of Richardson Street. Notes and References: 9,10, Cable trams, though large and sturdy transport vehicles, were occasional victims of accidents. A time capsule, placed into the east side Library wall in 1985, is due to be opened in 2035, the 200 th anniversary of the state of Victoria. It was not built until 1893, one of three shops replacing two cottages, dating back to the 1870s, on the same and adjacent site. See why it was listed, view it on a map, see visitor comments and photos and share your own comments and photos of … The longest-serving occupant was Morie Oliver, bootmaker and repairer, from 1938 to 1969. Halperin must have felt very comfortable in this location with Glickman's bakery, Wolf Gotlib the grocer and Polonsky Bros. kosher butchers all close by. Much of its wine had been sold to be consumed elsewhere - locals remember plonkos drinking in the park and schoolboys were known to avail themselves of takeaways.

11 Building occupancy information sourced from Sands & McDougall and recollections of local residents. Please note that these units are listed here because their boundaries covered the In keeping with building practices at the time, construction of the three shops commenced soon after registration and was completed by 1892, when no. North Carlton A unit may cover just the town or village, but it may include a big surrounding area.

Notes and References: The death of Terry O'Rourke in 2011, at the age of 90, marks the end of an era for this strip of shops, where no. North Carlton - geograph.org.uk - 1253449.jpg 640 × 426; 49 KB North Carlton from the Jurassic Way - geograph.org.uk - 179122.jpg 640 × 427; 81 KB North Carlton Hall - geograph.org.uk - …

378 Rathdowne Street, today Rathdowne Deli, was a hardware store for more than eight decades. School children now play on the corner site where, over 100 years ago, Margaret Ross experienced her miraculous cure. In fact his barber shop soon became a de facto Yiddish speaking social club. Please note that these units are listed here because their boundaries covered the point location we hold for North Carlton. 6 The Age, 24 December 1886, p. 7 By the end of that decade no. Click here for graphs and data of how Carlton North is a residential suburb 4 km north of Melbourne. The "Units covering this place" tab lists units whose boundaries contained Notes and References: Bus services now run the full length of Rathdowne Street, from Victoria Street, Carlton, through to Park Street, North Carlton. The Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board was established in November 1919 as the sole responsible authority for tram infrastructure and services. 88 Rathdowne Street has since returned to its medical roots as a general medical practice. 4 Mind the Curve, op cit 8 Victorian Heritage Database Report, Register No: H0718 Great Northern Hotel , 644 Rathdowne Street, Carlton North, VIC, 3054 (03) 9380 9569 info@gnh.net.au (03) 9380 9569 info@gnh.net.au He lived and worked at that address until 1964 and stayed there alone, never having married, until his death in 1967. From 1889 to 1936, Rathdowne Street had its own cable tram service between Elgin and Park Streets, but its introduction was not without controversy and North Carlton nearly missed out on this modern form of transport. In November 2013, the building which had stood there for more than ninety years was entirely demolished, making way for a four-level apartment building. From Tobacconist to Tea Shop. Rathdowne Street had to wait another four decades for its plantation, implemented in almost opposite circumstances. He began his medical career at the Melbourne Hospital for Sick Children, located in Pelham Street Carlton, and continued a life-long interest in paediatrics.1,2,3, Dr Cole commenced private practice at no. Her husband countered her accusation by claiming that his wife was "a terror for carrying on" with young men "right before me".

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