Can you tell me where the supermarket is. Keep exploring EnglishBix for more resources to learn how to properly ask questions in English. 89. She said, "Aha! He said, "I might ask my friends for help". respective forms would be changed accordingly. We said, "You have better future than us", We said that he had better future than us, 7. a close circle. Alex said, "Would that! Henry threw the winning touchdown pass with ease. 66. as you’ve got to know about what are direct and indirect questions, remember They asked whether I still believed in that theory. This is the form in which there’s a probability of a YES or a NO.

that the verb in indirect speech changes to plural in this type of questions. An object in grammar is a part of a sentence, and often part of the predicate 68. Find Fun and Engaging Workbooks for Kids – Explore Workbooks, Two-Letter Words Writing Practice Worksheet, Cursive Uppercase and Lowercase Letters Worksheet, Small Letters a to z Cursive Writing Worksheet, Capital Cursive Letters A to Z Writing Worksheet, Pet and Domestic Animals Sorting Worksheet, Examples of Common Noun and Proper Noun Words, Content Words and Function Words with Examples, Common Noun Definition with Sentences for Kids, Past and Present Participle Phrase with Examples, Types of Dialogues with Examples in English, Letter J Words for Kindergarten & Preschool Kids, Letter V Words for Kindergarten & Preschool Kids, Complex Sentences Definition with Examples, 2nd Grade High Frequency Sight Words List. 19. They said, "We had better alternative than this".
Note 2 0 obj

He said to his servant,"Clean the tables again", He ordered his servant to clean the tables again, 62.

Do the exercise below on Direct and Indirect Object and click on the button to check your answers. 87.He said, "I might bring a gift for you". Mother said to me, "May you and your friends shine always".

She asked where she could find good books. She said, "would that! A noun or pronoun that recieves the action of a verb in senten…, A noun phrase referring to someone or something that is affect…, Answers the question what or whom after the action verb, Tells to whom or for whom the action is being done, La enfermera ____ ____ a mi abuelo.... The…. 60. I told him that he would have to wait for me for two hours. 96. He said, "Hurrah! She said to mother, "I will bring good name to you". mrterryackerman. If the indirect object is marked by a preposition (usually to), the direct object comes immediately after the verb, and the phrase with the indirect object comes after that, as in I sent a letter to my love, where a letter is the direct object of sent. They said, "It is getting on very boring here". 3- Examples of Direct and Indirect Object. 90. 70.

She said, "I can understand her situation". Then we will differentiate them with the help of examples. She said to her father, "Let me buy some books for Alex". Users Options.

He said, "I can read and write a new language". x��ZY��F~�_���N�n ��f�`�C��f�_��SW:Z3�8$��c���U]�W�%���>���m�8���/����8��>�v�*�櫗���6��#��I_�~�ꠈ�wo�%���'���x ��}���}���A����� �j�^F�����q@)��M�n6zI#e:��:�����.�� #�9:P/�\�Qd��+�Q�^҈daj�����w���t;z��������� I were born at ancient times". "I had collected ancient books" he said. She requested that she should be allowed to be more prepared for the task. (Who did he invite?) She said, "Alas!

He pitched it to Alice. 35. I said, "May God! In Objects in sentences refer to someone or something in relation to the subject’s action of the verb. What is the direct object in this sentence: We sent a package to our relatives in Iowa. I said, "Let me find a best solution to solve this issue permanently.". 73. She said to her mother that she would bring good name to her. "We were going to a new mission" they said. I said to him, "I will have to convince my parents for this". Direct Object. 47. 23. She said to him, "I had no intention to marry you.". 18 terms. He ordered the waiter to bring him the detailed bill.

or for whom or what?

Our cat doesn’t like milk. She said to him, "Don't ever try to talk me", She warned him from trying to talk her ever, 69. Los trabajadores comen pollo todos los días. To review, nouns name people, places, things, and ideas. I said, "Let's start reading this novel together".

She said that she would be looking for my response. Both of them convey the same meaning, so what’s the difference between? Let's have another look at some of the previous examples (the direct object is green, the indirect object is brown): She said, "Hurrah! She told that she was waiting for here salary.

( What did David repair?) I were born again", 59. Teacher ordered his students to stand up all. A big thank you for your article. She told him that she had no intention to marry him. I asked which was the best method to find him. I said to that she seem to be a nice girl. ... Ted visited his grandparent's vill…. Alex wished that he were born at the ancient times. I said, "I am the winner in this game". Worksheet will open in a new window. 6. She asked him whether he was looking for a job. Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - Direct And Indirect Speech With Answer Key. 57. She said to me, "I am making good progress on this project".

Mother is bringing us some food. Indirect Object. 44. 8. Direct Object. I have never seen such a beautiful valley". She said, "My only wish is to become a good man". 85.

26. Teacher said to students, "Stand up all". He said to the waiter, "Bring me the detailed bill".

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