Thankfully, both apps have kept my wife from thinking I’m crazy when I say that the Red Prairie I’ve chosen for the walls goes great with the Ecru and Tiki Hut she’s chosen for the trim. Have this app now! The app is straightforward to use. It is very helpful and very easy to use. The app is straightforward to use. The app contains various features that can be used for different purposes, but the main feature is the creation of a color palette. If you’re ever dealt with colors you’ve probably heard about the Pantone company. You have found an interesting color, what's next? Another great instrument of this app is an autosave mode that won’t let you lose your project if our phone will turn off in the middle of it. To be more accurate, there’s an ability to create different brushes, edit your pics with 3D instruments and even use patterns.
ColorSnap has no notes option. Ability to export data to other design applications for further utilization. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps.

My favorite feature of Color Grab is that it creates many different types of color palettes based on the ever-popular color wheel.”, “Unbeatable.

Along with that, as you choose the color you can also see closes shades to it.
You can come across a large variety of colours from which you can choose the best name and colour that you like.All you need to do is take a picture and keep the app match near that colour with name and code to test if you can get the desired results. This application is real time colour measurement tool and will extract colour and maps for your pictures.

Choose your preferred model and adjust your colors in order to achieve perfection. Required fields are marked *. This tool works with your cam and permits you to try colors in a realistic model. Ben Color Capture also has a Harmony button that shows you related, but extremely different colors from the one that you’ve selected. With this application, you will get colours and their codes by tapping on image. Check it out, you won’t regret it! Not just that, you can also try out various colour combinations in multiple colours that fit your purpose. Choosing paint colors can be an enterprise fraught with significant (other) danger and considerable expense. gcolor2 is a basic colourpicker utility that allows you to select any colour on your screen, and, well, grab it's colour.

It automatically detects all seven colours from the image. Besides, you can look through various images for inspiration. I am color blind, so I have tried many apps developed to help those like myself. Needs to be said, most of the other similar apps only support two formats, so this one is unique. You can also check: 8 Best apps to choose your head color (Android+iOS), 11 Best Color Identification Apps for Android & iOS. What is more, you can also check out the nearest offline stores that sell this particular color.

Ability o share colors via social media platforms like Facebook. All you need is to simple select any picture from your gallery or capture your picture and then tap on anywhere on the picture to get the colour demo and the colour code to be used. You can add notes to any of your saved favorites, and double tapping any saved paint color expands it to fill your whole screen. It automatically detects all seven colours from the image. Ben Color Capture is a neat iPhone app from the paint folks at Benjamin Moore that makes it a snap to find and match great colors to use for your next paint job in your home or office project.

Color Capture® Features •Save your pictures with their Benjamin Moore coordinating colors. Just like a real paint strip, this strip displays six other colors in the same color family as the one you’ve selected. Just tap on a certain color and the app will give you its name and some similar colors.

•Create custom color combinations and tag them to your inspiration.

Theoretically great, but basically useless since the colors aren't true.

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