Didn't Jools complain about poor sales on 3ds with the launch of Chicken Wiggle? Nintendo knows this, which is the reason why you don’t see any of the 3-D models on store shelves anymore, and you haven’t for a long time. It's fine, but calling it gorgeous is really far-fetched. Samsung or Apple phones are updated each year and they sell. I'm guessing this won't be region free, thus locking a lot of non USA/CAN customers out... Who the hell region locks a portable console ffs. There's a REAL videogame called "Chicken wiggle"? I wish him every success with his latest venture as it must very difficult to stand out amongst all the mediocre titles and constant sales. The name, Hatch Tales, is plural. I’d much, much rather buy one console to play all their games than buy two different handhelds each with a smaller library. Sure, Chicken Wiggle was maybe getting too cute with things and the font on 3DS was terrible. As per Atooi, Nintendo already approved the collective title. Sometimes you just gotta break the mold by adding something important to the conversation... Holy mackerel, a 3DS game coming out in 2020 strikes me as bizarre and is quite puzzling. The Switch is on track to absolutely surpass the 3DS in lifetime sales. However, it can also be seen from a different perspective, which is rather exciting, when you consider the level creator. @thesilverbrick you are looking at things from today's perspective and not what it was like before the Switch launch. These games feel perfect for the Pandemic. Game » Once the product is in-hand, Atooi Collection will go on sale via @LimitedRunGames' site. There's been no word on what has happened to the properties and Jools has also been quiet. Not sure why people are so surprise, the 3DS wasn't even dead yet. This is perfect as I have never played any of these haha. But there was no thought of a Lite when the decision to stop production of the 3ds was made. Go to YouTube and watch gameplay of VERSION 1.2.. Make sure it's version 1.2 video and take a look at a fully realized survival horror about ufos and mutated animals in a small mountain town frozen in time. At the Limited Run Games' E3 Press Conference last June, it was revealed Atooi would be entering the world of physical Nintendo 3DS releases for the first (and most likely last time ever) with the release of the Atooi Collection. I'm just waiting for the renamed joycons. No wonder Nintendo sold so many 3DS. Super Challenge is a sequel in the spirit of the original Japanese Super Mario Bros. 2 (same engine, mostly same enemies/graphics, with tougher levels) and it was released a few years after the original. But for the moment after I finished the game there's nothing. We could have been holding a bigger, lighter 3ds, with Switch type graphics, touch screen gaming and 3d games. That way they would combine the consoles sales. You can still play all the games in the collection digitally if you want, but I still think it’s neat (if a little late) that Limited Run Games is producing a physical 3DS title in the future. I need this! For 3DS collectors outside of this region, this physical release is expected to be region locked to North America, and there are seemingly no plans at this point in time to release it elsewhere: If the option of a region free physical 3DS release is available, we will take it. Let us know below. How many 3DS games really made use of the second screen in any kind of meaningful way? I imagine this release will probably be region locked to the US, since LRG is a US based publisher, as is Atooi a US developer. The name is confusing. Hatch Tales sounds boring. Probably just the 3D, I hate the regionlock. I do like the Switch, and I like it's hybrid features, I don't 'play on the go' although I will take it off the dock to play in another room, and I do miss what is not a gimmick, the 3d. It is no more a gimmick than VR is. They will include Chicken Wiggle, Xeodrifter, Bomb Monkey, Mutant Mudds, and Mutant Mudds: Super Challenge. Read more about this in yesterday's post. No user score yet- Be the first to review!

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