57-years-old, and I honestly have never even thought about candy made or not made in the USA. No matter how you like them, be it white, milk or dark, no matter in which texture or flavor, you have a host of choice. Workers in Mexico’s processed food industry earn an average of $2.70 an hour, according to the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Data Processing. [Photograph: Citrus and Candy,Flickr] Uruguayan food might not be known internationally, but this cake certainly should be. Thanks for this yummy list. Let us take a look at some of the candy names you could choose from. 1. How about Frango Mints. Give me a map and I'll show you the damn way! In 2020 they took over the manufacturing of the Clark Bar, keeping this 100 year American candy favorite on the shelves. How many have you tried? This candy is organic, dairy free, gluten free, made by hand, and is available in multiple flavors. Coffee/Chocolate bars. Chicago and Seattle, Annabelle Candy Co. is family-owned and based in Hayward, CA (my hometown!) The variety of candies also changes depending on the type of sugar used, their concentration, the size of the crystals and so on, leading to a number of interesting variations. This is a great list. We only share stuff we love. Most of these candies are made in Chicago, Illinois. Are you looking for candy made in the USA? They are widely known for their GIANT candied apples, which weigh 2-3lb each. Ah yes, Sugar Daddy milk caramel lollipops from Tootsie. Thank you! Add on layers of meringue, fresh peaches, whipped cream, and dulce de leche, then smother the whole cake with mounds of whipped … Cacao growers grumble that the foreign companies and the Mexican government have done little to resuscitate Mexico’s cacao industry. So many flavors to choose from! (Would there be any Justin's Almond Butter Cups without Reese's? It's nabbed the top spot in lists of America's best-selling candies for years. American Sweets and Candy American Chocolate American Chips American Cookies American Cereal/Breakfast American Snacks Wholesale American Snacks. PEZ Candy is made in Orange, Connecticut, but the dispensers are not American made. Featuring nougat in a chocolate coating, this classic candy bar—named after the Charleston, a popular dance in the 1920's—originally came in four flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and banana (that one was eventually phased out). For Valentine’s Day, it churns out jellied hearts, cinnamon hearts and pink-and-red jelly beans. See's Candies manufactures lollipops, chocolates, brittles, and more in California. The bar that started it all, although the (slightly sour) taste is still somewhat...controversial. (Also: one of the best to blend into a milkshake. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory manufactures a large variety of chocolate candies in Colorado, including boxed chocolates. One of the simpler (and more enduring) candy bars out there, this shredded coconut and dark chocolate confection remains a favorite to this day. American Made Shoes: The Ultimate Source List. Mouth Party Caramels gourmet caramels are made in Maryland. Very sad. Jenny on May 7, 2011 at 9:04 am said: What about Sugar Daddys ?? One of the few chocolate-free candy bars, PayDays consist of salted peanuts rolled in caramel, surrounding a nougat-like center. For U.S. makers of chocolate, low wages are the main draw, said No? Look for Elmer Gold Brick Eggs and Heavenly Hash Eggs at Easter time, and boxed chocolates for Valentine's Day. "Heath for better health!". Bedre fine chocolates are made in Oklahoma. Good start I agree, but you also forgot Hammond’s Candies. Tootsie Roll Industries is an American manufacturer of popular candy brands like Andes, Tootsie Pops, Tootsie Rolls, Junior Mints, Charms Blow Pops, DOTS, Sugar Daddy, and Charleston Chew. Abby Hocking, Credit: American Made Bikes: From Trikes to High-Performance, O... American Made Designer Purses and Handbags: The Ultimat... Made in USA Clothing for Kids : The Ultimate Source Lis... American Made Appliances: A Made in USA Source List of ... Leather Handbags Made in USA: Must See Brands Source List, American Made Ice Cream We Love, By Region, How To Stay Cool This Summer: A Guide to Made in the USA Fans, Made in USA Clocks: A Source List for Wall Clocks, Decorative Clocks, Table Clocks, All Made in the USA, Companies that Give Back: Brands that Support American Veterans. In an early marketing campaign, the Curtiss Candy Company dropped Butterfingers with tiny parachutes from airplanes, which is very adorable (also, mildy dangerous). The dark chocolate cups are vegan. Do u have royal blue lollipops made in usa. Queen Bee Gardens honey candy is made in Wyoming. Gertrude Hawk Chocolates chocolate bars and chocolate treats are made in Pennsylvania. 2. They make so of the finest Peppermint Bark. I’ve tried quite a few of these & really liked them. Tracey Hanson is the USA Love List Green/Family Living Editor. Goetze's Caramel Creams, Cow Tales, and Mini Cow Tales chewy caramel candies are nut free and come in a variety of flavors such as Strawberry, Vanilla/Original, Licorice, Chocolate, and Caramel Apple. It is a good start but there are MANY missing US candy makers. It’s a great item to have on hand during the holidays, never know who might gift you out of the blue. Not just Mexico. Birnn Chocolates, Highland Park New Jersey. I will try to buy only food made and grown in the US. . Spangler is now manufacturing in Mexico. Layer upon layer of cake, strawberry filling and strawberry icing- all fresh ingredients mind you-it is the makings of glorious food ecstasy. Disclosure & Policies * Privacy Policy. Chocolate has been around for 3,000 years (Mayan temple paintings depict their kings and gods drinking ancient hot cocoa), but it wasn't until 1900 when Milton Hershey—a caramel manufacturer at the time—hit upon a successful formula for milk chocolate (then a popular treat in Europe, although most Americans had never tried it), pressed it into bars, and sold them for a nickel. OK, this one isn't technically American—it was invented by Rowntree's, a confectionery company based in York—but Hershey acquired a license to produce Kit Kats in the U.S. in the 1970's, and they've been a top-selling candy bar here ever since. So, go ahead and give yourself a sweet treat today by choosing your very own chocolate from this wonderfully sweet, candy world. Melville Candy handmade lollipops, candy spoons, and more come in a variety of unique styles and flavors. Happy Valentine’s Day, From Mexico Dewars taffy chews, mints and other confections, Bakersfield, Calif since 1909. American Licorice Company manufactures licorice treats like Red Vines licorice. I’ve heard of a few of these, I’d like to check them all out, and try some new candy. R.M Palmer Company has been manufacturing Palmer novelty chocolate candy in the US for over 60 years. and South Spruce Ave. Available in sugar-free options. Pearson's Candy, headquartered in Minnesota, is known for Bit-O-Honey, Salted Nut Roll, and more. The bag said made in Mexico. Required fields are marked *. Taffy Town, made in Utah,  gourmet saltwater taffy is available in 75 flavors. The Hershey factory is located in Hershey Pennsylvania and makes Hershey bars with and without almonds, cookies and cream, special dark, rolos, Kit Kat Twizzlers, Reeses, Jolly Ranchers, Kisses and so much more!!! I have found for years food packaging says “distributed by” or “packaged for”. The move to Mexico began several years ago with makers of hard candy, said Bernard Pacyniak, editor of Candy Industry magazine. Similar to the Butterfinger, the Clark Bar has a crispy peanut butter and spun taffy core. Low prices & fast free UK delivery. A slow cooker can can take your comfort food to the next level. ", Credit: The same worker in Hershey, Pa., earns $19 to $25 an hour, Bomberger said. Hershey's, Credit: "—was originally called The $100,000 Bar (spoken as, "the hundred thousand dollar bar"), which is kind of a mouthful. It's OK. Live your truth.). Gimbal's Fine Candies manufactures Gourmet Jelly Beans, Sour Gourmet Jelly Beans, Assorted Cherry, Cinnamon Lovers, Sour Lovers, and Licorice Scotties in California.

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